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Domaine de Chantilly Entrance Undated Ticket (Child - Valid for 1 Year, to be used on 1 Day only)

5.0 7 rue du connetable, France Verified Listing

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Spend a day in Chantilly and discover the whole area with just one ticket! The Domaine ticket gives access to the castle (excluding the private apartments of the Duke of Aumale), the park, the large stables and temporary exhibitions. As a bonus:The Domaine ticket allows you to attend the equestrian presentations (duration 30 minutes) given by the riders of the large stables. Child Ticket: (7 - 17 years old)


Wearing a mask is compulsory for visitors to the castle, the large stables and during horse shows . On your arrival in the castle and in the shop at the exit, a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser is at your disposal to disinfect your hands. The tour of the castle and the large stables has been redesigned with a one-way street to guarantee your comfort and safety and avoid any crossing between visitors. The new tour of the castle does not allow us to guarantee easy access to PRMs (people with reduced mobility). Our audioguides cannot be distributed , you can download the free visit application "the essential masterpieces of the Condé museum" here The park map and the park visit podcast can be downloaded here The toilets in the park, the large stables and the castle are regularly disinfected by our agents. Visitors with a park ticket or an Estate ticket will have access to the rental of carts, rosalies, boats and pedal boats (rental on site).The Domaine de Chantilly, castle and park are closed on Tuesdays until further notice. Parking (to be paid on site): 5 €


Château De Chantilly Great Stables

5.0 7 rue du connetable, France
Verified Listing

The Great Stables, located in the Domaine de Chantilly, near Paris, look like they came right out of a fairytale. This 18th century masterpiece of architecture is a palace to honor horses. This exquisite backdrop of manicured gardens and priceless artwork is home to the largest stable in all of Europe. The Great Stables has many beloved equestrian shows during the year, showing off their haute-école (advanced components in classical dressage) training, which has been a factor in their international notoriety for over 30 years.

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