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Ride With Kerri And Yassine Cavalier - Beach Rides And Photoshoot In Morocco

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Are you looking for the trifecta of the ideal holiday? One that combines a gorgeous destination, photoshoot and horses? Then, this Cavago Special is just for you. This spring, give yourself the gift of a photoshoot with Yassine Cavalier's stunning horses in the sun-soaked country of Morocco. What's more, we have picked incredible accommodation for you, villas with gardens and heated pools. Once you arrive at the accommodation, you will feel all your worries melt away as you kick off your shoes and relax in the terrace with great company.

Morocco is every travel enthusiast’s dream. It combines the best of Asian, African and European cultures with elements of all three continents’ rich histories in its architecture, food and handicrafts. Take your trip to the next level by booking this special tour with us. You will be left breathless at the sight of Yassine Cavalier’s famous horses with their lustrous black and brown coats, their manes whipping the wind in elegant waves. This tour is the ideal opportunity to get dreamy portraits by the beach on one of these gorgeous creatures and soak in the culture of Morocco.

Here’s what your amazing 5-day holiday will look like!

Highlights of the tour
Frame and put-up-on-your wall worthy shots of you and your horse with the beach in the background.
A filmed ride to take home special memories
A full day picnic with the best of North African cuisine that Morocco has to offer. Think cozy tagines and vegetables spiced with harissa.
A full day tour of the jewel-like beauty that is the city of Marrakesh.
Meals and transport are all included in the package so remember that you are in the lap of luxury when you travel with us!

Day 1 Arrival - April 20th
You must be tired after your flight, not to worry! Our airport pick up is ready to take you and the group to your villa in Essaoira. Get ready to ooh and aah as this villa is the epitome of Moroccan aesthetic and modern comforts. Rest up and if you and the group are too wired from your flight, ask us for restaurant recommendations and we will make sure your first night is full of bonding and good food!

Day 2 - Lights, camera, action! - April 21st
We hope you have packed at least two outfits for your glam photoshoot at the beach because you will be asking your group for an opinion. Once you are ready, you and the group will be picked up from the villa and taken to your beach location. The gorgeous Kerri Kasem will help you tap into your inner goddess and bring out the sexy model in you! The beautiful location of Essaouria is an old port city that was fortified by European engineers. These forts make you feel like you’re on the set of Lawrence of Arabia (which, fun fact, was shot in Morocco) and strike a pose. Be sure to bond with your group and pose together because you will look back on the precise moment where you all broke down in fits of laughter for years to come. After this you will get to ride by the beach on one of Yassine Cavalier’s beautiful horses. Feel like a cinematic hero as you pound (or trot) the sand on these mesmerizing animals. A deep part of you will respond to the wild and free philosophy that Yassine espouses through his horse riding practice. After this fun and energetic day you will be taken back to the villa where you are free to spend your time as you please, pssst! Ask us about shopping recommendations!

Day 3 - 22nd April - An Exotic Picnic & Ride
Today is a choose your own adventure day! We have arranged a full day picnic with a horse ride from 10 am to 4 pm for you. However if you would like to return to the villa after the picnic then that can also be arranged. Enjoy a range of rustic and delicious Morrocan food and get to know your group mates or if you are traveling solo then grab a book and immerse yourself while on your lovely vacation.

Day 4 - 23rd April - A Feast for the Eyes
Rise and shine! Today is a jam packed day as you can choose to take an optional ride in the morning (extra charges apply for the optional ride) or start your day with a full day tour of Marrakesh with the group. The tour will be conducted by a guide who is extremely knowledgable about Marrakesh’s history and culture. Since Marrakesh is at the cusp of Arabic, European and other influences, it boasts incredible architecture and natural beauty that the history and nature buff will absolutely love. Keep a large hat because the sun can get sweltering! Your evening will be rounded off with a scrumptious dinner at Medina, a renowned restaurant. This dinner is on us so enjoy it solo or with the travel group and soak in the last night of your amazing vacation.

Day 5 - 24th April- Last day in Morocco!
Your airport transport will pick you up from the villa and drop you off at the Marrakesh airport. We hope you had an amazing week, please leave us a review as you head back home or to Lisbon, to join the tour of Portugal.


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5.0 Worldwide, Portugal
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